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Welcome to Appliance Company’s major appliance repair services for Cameron Park CA, our home town. Whether you need your dishwasher, oven, dryer or refrigerator repaired quickly or just need some parts to do it yourself, we can provide either, just give us a call at 530-919-8412 to get things started. We are a Cameron Park CA area family owned business and know how frustrating it can be when you only get answering machines and no humans ready to help! So here at Appliance Company, we always try to answer the phone with a live person during the day and also during the evenings. Repairing your appliance and getting your household or businesses running smoothly again is top priority for both of us!
old Sams Town and Burke Junction in Cameron Park CA

Begin with an Appliance Repair Company That is Affordable and You Can Trust

Cameron Park is a wonderful country family town but certainly not much fun if the freezer, washer or stove is not working very well. Don’t worry about calling and wasting money on a service call. If when we come out to your home and the problem cannot be reproduced, our service call is good for and extended 30 days. Now that is a great deal! If we do need to make a repair, the service call fee is waived, and way better than most companies, we extend the manufacturer’s ninety day parts warranty to an entire year in almost every case. We always strive for honesty and integrity in our company practices and don’t quote a ridiculously low service visit charge and then have sky high repair labor and parts fees. We also have many discounts that you may be able to take advantage of.

Meet Alex, Your Experienced Appliance Company Cameron Park CA Appliance Repair Service Professional

Lucky You! We Repair All Types of Major Appliances and Service all Brands

At Appliance Company, we are trained to diagnose and repair all types of major appliances and brands plus many times will have the correct repair parts right on our service vehicles.
washing machine dryer repair cameron parkTypical Washing Machine / Dryer Issues We See Quite Frequently:
Washer doesn’t do a thing when turned on, Washing Machine not draining and leaves water in the tub, Dryer drum goes around but no heat, Dryer doesn’t work at all. We fix these problems each and every day plus many unique cases for top brands of Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG and many others.

freezer refrigerator repair service cameron parkFrequent Refrigerator Freezer Issues We Fix Every Day:
Refrigerator is only marginally cooling, Ice maker leaks or not working, Freezer dumps water on the floor frequently. We can repair these issues on top freezer, bottom freezer, side by side models and many more from top brands like Frigidaire, Kenmore, Sub-Zero, GE and any other brands.

cooktop and oven repair cameron parkCommon Cooktop & Stove and Microwave Oven Issues We See:
Oven temperature not accurate, stove doesn’t bake evenly, cooktop surface element will not turn off or just clicks and won’t turn on. We deal with these on gas and electric models and many other issues on Thermador, GE, Wolf, Amana and many others.

dishwasher repair cameron parkTypical Issues with Dishwashers That We Fix Frequently:
Dishwasher doesn’t drain, Detergent Residue at end of cycle, Dishes still wet, Foam and water come out the air gap. We can repair all these and several others for the best dishwasher brands like Bosch, Kitchen Aid, LG, GE plus many others.

Give us a call now at 530-919-8412 and have your appliance repaired and in working condition again quickly.

Cameron Park: Rich History, Family Oriented, Above the Fog Below the Snow

At Appliance Company, we have an excellent history and experienced appliance repair technicians but certainly not the rich history that Cameron Park has. Similar to many cities and towns in the area, Cameron Park was a busy place during the gold rush with Green Valley Road serving as a major trail from the Sacramento steamboat docks to the Coloma mines and many locally searching the streams for gold. What is now generally route 50 was the major route between Sacramento, Shingle Springs and Placerville with what is suspected as Cameron Park drive serving to connect the two major routes. In 1865, the tracks of the Sacramento Placerville railroad reached Shingle Springs where tons of cargo were unloaded and hauled by wagon over the Sierra Mountains to the silver mines in Nevada.

As the gold rush died down, so did activity and not much happened until the 1950′s where Robert L Cameron started developing parcels north and south of route 50. Later would come the Cameron Park Golf Course, Air Park Estates and the Cameron Park Airport, and the Red Coach Inn which would later become Sam’s Town and now the Forklift Grocery.

Another interesting area with history is Burke’s Junction whose entrance sign is captured on this page. Jerry Burke as a child loved watching cowboy movies and the gun fights in the small western towns. In 1979 he then was in real estate and while visiting Cameron Park fell in love with a 5 acre piece of land that was for sale. He recreated his childhood love of western towns and created a western themed shopping center. Soon thereafter the Pioneer Village in San Jose shut down and put its train up for sale which Jerry bought, installed encircling the center and they staged gunfights and robberies for entertainment. The train was shut down for a while but now thanks to the new owners is operational again.

Cameron Park with its lakes, parks, airport, golf course, shady oak studded properties, and thriving shopping and businesses is a wonderful and vibrant community today. It is the perfect location above the dreary winter fog in Sacramento Valley and typically below the snowline of the Sierras. Evenings are comfortable in the Summer and the delta breeze reaches all the way from San Francisco to cool everything off at night.

Appliance Repair Company in Cameron Park for Hassle Free Repair Services

Still reading? What are you waiting for? If you have an appliance problem that need repair, give us a call at 530-919-8412 and we will come out to your house, do a diagnosis of the issue, and then we will be able to give you an accurate quote on what the repair cost will be. Our customers typically are very pleased and have said they should have called sooner. Honest, affordable and a hassle free experience: That is what the Appliance Company service call for appliance repair in Cameron Park strives to be for you.


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